Anand Mahadik: A Veteran Devotee Rafian

Anand MIntroduction

Discover the musical prowess of Anand Mahadik, a seasoned singer and keyboard virtuoso with over four decades of experience. Renowned for his captivating voice and exceptional keyboard skills, Anand’s unique talent shines through his renditions of songs by legendary artists like Mohammad Rafi and Mahendra Kapoor. Let’s delve into Anand’s musical journey and his significant association with the iconic singer’s legacy.

The Melodious Odyssey

Anand’s musical journey commenced over 40 years ago, and his love for music has only deepened over time. His soul-stirring performances, blending Hindi and Marathi melodies, have garnered a dedicated fan base. Anand’s preference for Mohammad Rafi’s songs is rooted in the legendary singer’s ability to infuse deep emotions into every composition, leaving listeners entranced.

Adoration for Mohammad Rafi

Anand Mahadik’s admiration for Mohammad Rafi borders on devotion, dating back to the early 1980s. The legendary singer’s versatile voice, humility, and humanitarian nature have left an enduring impact on Anand. Mohammad Rafi’s unique ability to connect with the essence of each composition distinguishes him as a true gem in the musical realm.

Anand’s Top 5 Favorite Rafi Sahab Songs

Anand has an extensive collection of Rafi Sahab’s songs, but here are his top five favorites:

  1. O Duniya Ke Rakhwale … (Baiju Bawra)
  2. Ye Mehlon Ye Takhton Ye Taajon Ki Duniya … (Pyaasa)
  3. Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki … (Dulari)
  4. Kabhi Khud Pe Kabhi Haalat Pe Rona Aaya … (Hum Dono)
  5. Mohabbat Zindah Rehti Hai … (Changez Khan)
Musical Association with the Legendary Singer

In 1998, Anand Mahadik, already influenced by Mohammad Rafi, followed the footsteps and started singing for the local Rafi Fan Club, Ulhasnagar, known for over two decades for providing platform to emerging singers. Recognizing his exceptional talents, he was warmly welcomed and since then, he has actively contributes to the organization, nurturing the aspirations of budding singers and aiding in its growth.

Guiding the Next Generation

Committed to giving back to the music community, Anand mentors and guides new singers. Leveraging his vast experience, he imparts valuable tips to help aspiring artists refine their skills and discover their unique voices. Anand advocates for stringent screening processes to ensure that only the most talented individuals get the opportunity to showcase their artistry.


Anand Mahadik’s musical journey is a testament to passion, dedication, and profound love for the art form. His affinity for the melodies of Mohammad Rafi and other legends has not only shaped his musical preferences but also inspired him to actively participate in musical events. With Anand’s support and guidance, aspiring singers at RFC are poised to embark on a successful journey in the world of music. His devotion to music and Mohammad Rafi  continues to be a timeless inspiration for generations of musicians to come.


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