Raj Asrondkar: A Singer with Timeless Voice


Rajesh Jaising Asrondkar, affectionately known as Raj Asrondkar, echoes through the corridors of musical excellence. With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, this local sensation has seamlessly woven the rich tapestry of Marathi and Hindi music into the hearts of wide spectrum ofl audience. Rajesh Asrondkar’s extraordinary career sheds light on his unique perspective on Mohd Rafi, his cherished songs, and his tireless efforts to elevate emerging musical talents.

A Timeless Voice with Rich Experience

Raj Asrondkar’s long musical journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for the craft. With a repertoire that effortlessly mirrors the styles of revered artists such as Kishore Kumar, Mukesh Ji, Hemant Kumar, Yesudas, and Talat Mahmood, Raj has become a virtuoso in the realm of melody. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his collaborations with renowned singers during practice sessions, underscoring his relentless pursuit of perfection and growth as a singer.

Mohd Rafi: A Profound Influence

Since 1986, Rajesh has been enraptured by the timeless allure of the legendary Mohd Rafi. For him, Mohd Rafi’s voice embodies purity, emotions that tug at the heartstrings, and an unparalleled mastery of lyrical rendition.

Rajesh’s top favorite Rafi Sahab songs include classics like “Din Dhal Jaaye Haaye” and “Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho,” showcase his deep admiration for the maestro’s ability to infuse soul into every note. It is this profound influence that continues to shape Raj’s own musical narrative.

Harmony at RFC (Ulhasnagar)

Raj’s musical journey took a pivotal turn in 2004 when he became associated with RFC (Ulhasnagar). This platform not only provided him with numerous opportunities to showcase his talent but also facilitated connections with fellow musical enthusiasts. To further enrich the musical experience, Raj suggests the inclusion of musically trained mentors during practice sessions. This, he believes, would transform these sessions into valuable learning opportunities, fostering growth and camaraderie within the music fraternity.

Empowering the Next Generation

As a seasoned musician, Raj Asrondkar understands the significance of nurturing budding talents. His commitment to guiding aspiring singers, aiding them in refining their vocal quality and honing their skills, establishes him as an invaluable mentor. Raj’s willingness to share his wealth of musical expertise is a beacon for those embarking on their own musical journeys.


Raj Asrondkar’s musical drive for over four decades positions him as a luminary among skilled singers. His ability to channel the voices of legendary artists and his unwavering admiration for Mohd Rafi’s melodious creations have shaped a remarkable career.

As he continues to contribute to RFC (Ulhasnagar) and extends his guidance to emerging talents, Raj remains a steadfast advocate for the art of soulful singing, preserving the rich musical heritage of India for generations to come.


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