Unusual Tale of Music and Boxing

Mohd Rafi With Mohd AliIntroduction

Discovering the lesser-known passion of legendary playback singer Mohd. Rafi, who was not only a maestro in the world of music but also an avid boxing enthusiast, sheds light on an intriguing chapter of his life. This article unravels the unexpected meeting between Mohd. Rafi and the iconic boxer Mohd. Ali during Rafi’s visit to Chicago in 1979.

The Unusual Encounter

Mohammad Rafi, renowned for his soul-stirring melodies, harbored a deep admiration for Mohd. Ali, a legend in the world of boxing. Despite his demanding recording schedules, Rafi never missed an opportunity to witness Ali’s formidable bouts. The chance for these two legends to meet arose in 1979 when the organizers of the musical show in Chicago discovered Rafi Sahab’s affinity for Mohd. Ali.

Organizing a meeting between the globally celebrated Mohd. Rafi and the legendary Mohd. Ali proved to be a challenging task. Ali, with a massive global fan base and a hectic schedule, was not easily accessible. However, the organizers highlighted Rafi’s international popularity as a singer, persuading Ali to agree to the meeting.

The encounter exceeded expectations as Mohd. Ali spent a delightful 45 minutes engaged in conversation with Mohd. Rafi, accompanied by Rafi’s wife and son. The camaraderie between the two icons was evident from the moment they met.

In a surprising turn of events, Mohd. Ali proposed capturing a memorable moment with a unique twist. He suggested they pose as if in a boxing match, with Rafi throwing a punch and Ali retaliating. The resulting photograph, capturing the playful interaction between the singer and the boxer, remains a cherished memento for fans of both Mohd. Rafi and Mohd. Ali.


The unexpected friendship between Mohd. Rafi and Mohd. Ali, stemming from a shared passion for music and boxing, exemplifies the power of mutual admiration between icons from different realms. The photograph of Rafi throwing a playful punch at Ali, reciprocated with a grin, stands as a testament to the enduring bond forged during that chance meeting in Chicago.

Our next article will touch Dharmendra’s bonding with Rafi Sahab.

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