The Unfortunate Tale of a Talented Composer

IntroductionRafi Mansion

In the complex tapestry of life, two forces wield unparalleled power over individuals – nature and humanity itself. This unbreakable truth resonates across time and experiences. In the realm of the Indian film industry, post the 1947 partition, numerous renowned figures, including Prithviraj Kapoor, Bulo C. Rani, Naqsh Lyallpuri, S. Mohinder, and others, migrated to India, shaping the cultural landscape of Bombay’s film industry. Among these talented migrants was a Music Director whose story serves as a cautionary tale about the destructive force of greed in the pursuit of success.

The Rise and Fall of a Talented Music Director

This gifted Music Director embarked on his career in Bombay’s film industry, contributing to Hindi cinema in the late 1940s. Despite his exceptional talent, he composed music for only a little over twenty Hindi films. His compositions, featuring the voices of legendary singers like Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar, showcased his musical brilliance. Unfortunately, his professional journey took an abrupt turn due to a regrettable incident that continues to haunt the memory of Rafi Sahab’s fans.

The Unpleasant Turn of Events

In the early 1970s, this Music Director approached Mohammad Rafi, seeking temporary residence on one of the upper floors of Rafi Sahab’s Bungalow in Bandra. Rafi Sahab, known for his generosity, readily agreed, offering the space without any rent. But the Composer insisted that he was bound by his ethics to pay the rent.

However, what transpired next would cast a shadow over the Music Director’s career and reputation.

An Unsettling Episode

As the agreed-upon period neared its end, Rafi Sahab, anticipating the arrival of guests, inquired about the Music Director’s plans to vacate. Unexpectedly, the composer responded with offensive language, an unprecedented behavior towards Rafi Sahab. Attempts to resolve the matter amicably were met with even more hostility. Shockingly, the Music Director filed a police complaint against Rafi Sahab and his family, accusing them of abuse, assault, threats, and even plotting murder.

Industry Backlash and Reputation Fallout

The entire film industry was aghast at the Music Director’s inappropriate behavior towards a respected figure like Rafi Sahab. The prolonged debate tarnished the Music Director’s reputation, highlighting the detrimental impact of his actions. Faced with the repercussions of his own misconduct, the Music Director decided to permanently leave Mumbai and return to his native place to start anew.

The Downfall

Unfortunately, the Music Director’s journey took a darker turn as he succumbed to immoral indulgences, leading to the failure of his new venture. Forced to leave his family behind, he eventually settled abroad, passing away years after Rafi Sahab’s demise.


The tale of this talented yet misguided Music Director serves as a poignant reminder of how greed can unravel relationships and careers, even among the most brilliant individuals. In the pursuit of success, it is essential to remember the impact our actions can have on both personal and professional spheres. The legacy of Rafi Sahab and the cautionary tale of his once-associated Music Director underscore the importance of integrity, humility, and ethical conduct in the competitive world of the music industry.

Author: Prashant Karve, Ambernath (India)


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