Vidhya Kamat: A Melodious Journey Through Time

Vidhya KIntroduction

Vidhya Kamat, a seasoned vocalist hailing from Maharashtra, India, has enchanted audiences with her captivating voice for over a decade. Proficient in Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada, Vidhya’s musical prowess extends beyond linguistic boundaries. Her distinctive ability to effortlessly render songs from both male and female artists, particularly those from the Black and White era, sets her apart. This article unveils the inspiring journey of Vidhya Kamat, showcasing her love for music and the timeless melodies that have shaped her career.

A Musical Odyssey

Embarking on her musical journey more than 12 years ago, Vidhya Kamat has evolved into a versatile and soulful singer. Her repertoire spans multiple languages, adding a rich and diverse dimension to her performances. Vidhya’s deep appreciation for the Golden Era’s music is evident in her affinity for classics beyond the legendary Mohd Rafi, underscoring her commitment to preserving the magic of timeless melodies.

The Enchantment of Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi holds a special place in Vidhya’s heart, influencing her musical endeavors since the 1970s. She reveres Rafi Sahab not only for his extraordinary vocal talent but also for the purity of soul reflected in his singing.

Vidhya’s Most Favourite Songs

As an ardent fan, she cherishes some of Mohd Rafi’s most iconic melodies, including

  1. Main Nigahein Tere Chehre Se … (Aap Ki Parchhaiyan, 1964)
  2. Chirag Dil Ka Jalao … (Chirag, 1969)
  3. Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hain … (Guide, 1965)
  4. Yaad Na Jaaye Beete Dinon Ki … (Dil Ek Mandir, 1963)
  5. Kabhi Khud Pe Kabhi Haalat Pe … (Hum Dono, 1961)
Contributions to Music

Vidhya’s association with RFC (Ulhasnagar) since 2016 has been a transformative experience. Within this vibrant musical community, she has found numerous opportunities to perform and grow as an artist. Advocating for the appointment of a dedicated music teacher, Vidhya envisions enhancing the skills and performances of fellow singers, ultimately elevating the overall quality of musical programs and providing a platform for emerging talents to shine.

Empowering Upcoming Singers

Beyond her performances, Vidhya Kamat is a compassionate artist dedicated to supporting aspiring singers. Her commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent is evident through workshops, guidance, and mentorship programs. By sharing her knowledge and experience, Vidhya aims to contribute positively to the growth of young musicians, ensuring the perpetuation of the legacy of classic melodies.


Vidhya Kamat’s musical journey is a testament to dedication, passion, and an unwavering love for timeless melodies. Her melodious voice, coupled with a keen interest in classic songs, has left an indelible mark on audiences. Through her admiration for the legendary Mohd Rafi and active participation in the musical community, Vidhya stands as an inspiration for aspiring singers, reminding us of the eternal magic embedded in the music of the Golden Era. As she continues to grace the stage with her singing prowess, Vidhya Kamat remains a beacon of musical excellence and a guardian of the rich heritage of classic melodies.


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