Harmony in Healing: Musical Tribute by Doctor Couple

Dr Ahujas 1Introduction

In the intricate tapestry of medical science, where healing hands converge with the world of art, the story of Dr. Prabhu Ahuja, a distinguished surgeon, and his wife, Dr. Asha Ahuja, a cardiologist, unfolds like a melodic symphony. Their love for the legendary Mohammad Rafi not only shaped their personal lives but also birthed the renowned Rafi Fan Club, adding a musical note to the corridors of Shivneri Hospital in Sector 4 of Ulhasnagar.

A Musical Prelude

Dr. Prabhu Ahuja’s journey into the enchanting world of music began in 1978 during his postgraduate days in surgery at JJ Hospital in Mumbai. Initially drawn to the soulful tunes of Talat Mehmood, his musical compass soon veered towards the unparalleled Mohammad Rafi. Driven by a deep passion for poetry and a profound understanding of the impact of singing on the human mind, Dr. Ahuja became an ardent Rafi aficionado.

The Symphony of Favorites

Amidst Rafi’s vast repertoire, Dr. Ahuja finds it challenging to pinpoint favorites, but he cherishes certain renditions that resonate with him on a profound level. His top picks include timeless classics like

  1. Tumhin Se Hui Hai Shuru Aur Tumhin Pe Khatm … (Mera Dost, 1969)
  2. Ye Deewane Ki Zid Hai … (Laila Majnu, 1976)
  3. Aaj Purani Rahon Se … (Aadmi, 1968)
  4. Kal Raat Zindagi Se Mulaqat Ho Gayi … (Palki, 1967)
  5. Ye Mehlon Ye Takhton Ye Taajon Ki Duniya … (Pyaasa, 1957)

Despite the demands of a burgeoning medical career, Dr. Ahuja seldom missed a Rafi concert in and around Mumbai whenever time permitted. His passion reached new heights on the 19th death anniversary of the iconic singer, where he stumbled upon Shanker Aswani’s soul-stirring rendition of Yeh Shama Toh Jali Roshni Ke Liye .... This serendipitous encounter would become a turning point in the journey of Rafi Fan Club, Ulhasnagar.

A Musical Legacy Takes Root

Driven by the desire to honor Mohammad Rafi’s legacy, Dr. Ahuja committed to sponsoring the Rafi tribute show from the following year on a grander scale. The enthusiastic response from notable figures like Prof. Yadav, Prof. Achhra, Ramesh Ahuja, Royal Inn Hall Management, and local artists prompted the establishment of a permanent setup. Dr. Ahuja dedicated a small flat, christened it as Mohd. Rafi Hall to the cause, thus giving birth to the Rafi Fan Club, Ulhasnagar (RFC).

Acknowledging the unwavering support of his wife, Dr. Asha Ahuja, and cousins Mahesh C. Ahuja and Mahesh M. Ahuja, Dr. Ahuja underscores their pivotal role in the club’s existence. Rafi Fan Club, Ulhasnagar, also known as RFC, became a nurturing ground for local talent, providing a platform to perpetuate the rich musical heritage of Mohammad Rafi.

A Blessed Journey

Reflecting on the journey, Dr. Ahuja expresses gratitude for the seamless operation of the Rafi Fan Club, Ulhasnagar. With no specific blueprint for the future, he believes the disciplined RFC is leaving no stone unturned in fostering young talent, guided by the enduring spirit of Mohammad Rafi himself.

We at RafiFanClub.com extend heartfelt wishes to our senior physical counterpart, Rafi Fan Club, Ulhasnagar and its team for their commitment to nurturing artists and weaving the enchanting melodies of Mohammad Rafi into the fabric of time.

May the journey continue to harmonize the realms of medicine and music through the everlasting magic of Rafi’s voice.


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