Pyar Kiya Hai Aise … Rediscovering the Melody

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Pyar Kiya Hai Aise …, a timeless melody, penned by Kafeel Azar, composed by the renowned Music Director Chitragupt and sung by the legendary Mohd. Rafi, holds a unique tale of revival and restoration. Originally recorded for the 1962 Bengali film “Sorry Madam” by Dilip Bose, the film faced unfortunate circumstances due to financial troubles and the untimely death of Dilip Bose’s wife. Consequently, the film was deemed inauspicious and was never released, leaving this remarkable song in obscurity.

Decades later, a Frenchman named Achille Forler, associated with Deep Emotions, a music company in collaboration with Universal Music, took on the challenge of restoring the song recordings for “Sorry Madam.” This musical journey involved sending the recorded tapes to Equus Studios in Belgium for meticulous restoration.

Revival Efforts

Despite the challenges, the perseverance of Achille Forler bore fruit when the restored album finally saw the light of day in February 2010. Silk Road Communication released the album, which not only featured the iconic “Pyar Kiya He Aise” but also included an extra track titled “Teri Ada …” The release was complemented by an audio documentary narrated by Dilip Bose’s sons, Bobby and Rajesh. Anand-Milind, the talented Music Director Duo sons of Chitragupt, also contributed to the album.

Frenchman’s Dedication

Achille Forler’s dedication to bringing this Rafi gem to his catalogue was truly remarkable. In an interview with Deccan Herald, he expressed his willingness to be patient and even perform Shirshasana (headstand) for a year to secure the inclusion of this Rafi album in his collection. His unwavering commitment paid off, and Pyar Kiya Hai Aise … found its place in his catalogue under the name “Hindi Memorabilia,” designated as Catalogue # SR025.


The revival of Pyar Kiya Hai Aise … is a testament to the resilience and dedication of music enthusiasts like Achille Forler. Through meticulous restoration efforts, this hidden gem by Mohd. Rafi now stands as a cherished piece of Hindi Memorabilia.

The story behind the song adds a layer of intrigue and depth to its melody, making it a must-listen for fans of Hindi music. In the next article, we will talk about Mere Sapnon Ki Rani, Roohi Roohi …, another timeless piece of classic music.


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