A Divine Task to Preserve Rafi Sahab’s Legacy

Sanjay MehtaIntroduction

In childhood days, we were intrigued by the elders and saints blessing us for a life of hundreds of years as the as human life of even 100 years is perceived as a remarkable feat. It became clear after becoming a Rafian as I experienced how the profound impact a legend like Mohd. Rafi can have on people, transcending time and generations.

In the world of timeless melodies, Mohammad Rafi stands as an eternal legend. Despite his physical departure from this world, Rafi Sahab’s undying presence has transcending the boundaries of mortality. He has sustained through the unwavering devotion of millions of fans globally and will go on to live for centuries.

Among these fervent admirers is Sanjay Mehta, a 50-year-old Arts Graduate and Businessman hailing from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. His journey from being a casual listener to a True Rafian is a testament to the enduring impact of Rafi Sahab’s divine voice.

Sanjay’s Transformation into a Rafian

Initially a devoted fan of Kishore Kumar, Sanjay’s perspective changed when a customer asserted that no one could sing like Mohammad Rafi. Intrigued by this claim, Sanjay’s perspective underwent a transformative shift and he explored Rafi Sahab’s discography to realize the divine quality of his voice. This revelation marked the beginning of his journey as a dedicated Rafian, leading him to pen 138 verses (Shayari) in praise of Mohammad Rafi.

Sukoon Deta Hai Jo Dil Ko, Woh Aawaz Hai Tumhari,  Aawaz-e-Khuda Se Bhi, Alag Kahan Pehchan Hai Tumhari.

A Divine Compilation Unleashed

Preserving Rafi Sahab’s Musical Heritage: The advent of 4G technology provided Sanjay with a unique opportunity to compile and preserve Mohammad Rafi’s musical legacy. With meticulous effort, he downloaded and compared lists of Rafi Sahab’s songs, eliminating duplicates and standardizing spellings. This laborious process involved categorizing songs by genre, language, and solo/duet performances.

This task evolved into a divine calling, an endeavor that demanded unwavering dedication. Eventually, he overcame the challenge of misspellings and duplicates, and meticulously curated a collection of 5,500 songs.

Global Outreach and Generosity

Driven by a deep sense of satisfaction and recognizing the value of his compilation, Sanjay Mehta decided to share his extensive collection for free with Rafians worldwide.

His generosity extended beyond borders, he generously shares his  treasure with others across the globe, fostering connections with Rafians in India – including famous personalities in Hindi Cinema – America, South Africa, England, Singapore, Australia, Holland, and beyond. His altruistic act became a beacon of unity for Rafi’s admirers, creating a global network bound by a shared passion for timeless melodies.

Sanjay’s commitment to refining and updating his collection reflects his dedication to creating a comprehensive and error-free archive.

Perseverance and Future Endeavors

He considers this as a task bestowed upon by the Divinity and resolutely continues to refine his work to achieve perfection in his work to make it a landmark gift ever to the Rafians.

Saluting a True Rafian

Sanjay is not just a devoted Rafan but a chosen guardian entrusted with an astronomical task by the Almighty. He, assigned add to the Immortality of Rafi Sahab, is a beacon of inspiration for Rafians worldwide, ensuring that Mohammad Rafi’s timeless voice echoes through the ages.

RafiFanClub.com extends its heartfelt salute to Sanjay for his remarkable achievement in preserving and propagating Mohammad Rafi’s legacy.


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